PBEM Customer Testimonials:

Sept 15, 2006

Pacific Building Envelope Maintenance Ltd.
10-7163 Vantage Way
Delta, BC Canada
V4G 1N1

Attention: Mr. G. Young, President

Dear Mr. Young

Re: Letter of Reference (RJC Reference No. 37944-01 and 37944-02

Read Jones Christofferson Ltd. is pleased to provide you with this letter of reference.

In their recent work for RJC, PBEM as a company demonstrated that it understands the engineering requirements of renovation work, the sensitivity of working in occupied buildings, and the importance of thoroughness. The work completed was undertaken professionally with full consideration to design requirements and the building occupants.

It has been a pleasure to work with PBEM. The service provided was competent and the increasing autonomy demonstrated by the company and field personnel during the course of the work made efficient use of the client's maintenance money, RJC's time, and most importantly, has put into place a comprehensive maintenance and renewal process for major building envelope components. We expect that this will serve the site owners for many years in ongoing cost effective operation of the buildings.

We would be pleased to discuss this referral with any of your clients that wish to call.

Yours truly,


Leslie B.B. Peer, Ph.D., P.Eng., BEP.



To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Sirs:

Re: Pacific Building Envelope Maintenance Ltd.

It is my pleasure to write this letter as a testimonial of the effectiveness of Glen Young and Pacific Building Envelope Maintenance Ltd. (PBEM).

I have been a property manager for over nine years and am a principal owner of Lionheart Realty Ltd. Our company has been involved in building envelope renovations on low-rise and high-rise residential condominium complexes for quite some time. I feel confident that we have the expertise to judge the effectiveness of the various types of building envelope consultants, engineering, project maintenance, etc.

The writer contracted PBEM to perform a complete and in depth evaluation of the building envelope for residential strata corporation. The complex is a high-rise of thirteen stories, is EIFS clad and has punch and window wall construction. This inspection was done within the prescribed time frame and with a minimum amount of fuss and bother to the residents of the complex. The inspection report proved to be more comprehensive than expected and was complete in dealing with all areas of the building envelope.

As you can appreciate, after spending approximately 1.5 million dollars in renovations, the Strata Council members were very concerned that the report was reasonable in its findings. The report was forwarded to the strata's structural engineering consultants for their perusal and response. The engineers stated that the report was very comprehensive and extremely well presented. The content was deemed reasonable and accurate.

Glen Young is very easy to work with, is professional in all ways and, we feel, is totally competant due to his knowledge of building envelope construction anad the ongoing maintenance requirements.

The writer has no hesitaion whatsoever in recommending Glen Young and Pacific Building Envelope Maintenance Ltd.

Yours truly,


Christine B. Thompson, CPRPM
Property Manager/Principal


"PBEM completed the work in a timely and professional manner while at the same time respectfully considering any impact on our tenants"

- Darcy Brabbins

Director of Suburban Property Management
Crestwood Corporate Centre
Bentall Corporation


I have used the services of PBEM numerous times over the past several years on small and large projects. The level of service PBEM provides is always exceptional and very professional. PBEM's approach, methods and advice they provided on a project saved the client money.

Thank you.

Brian Spencer
Senior Property Manager

Dorset Realty Group Canada Limited
Suite 200-8211 Acroyd Road
Richmond,BC V6X 3K8

Bus. 604-270-1711 ext 120
Fax. 604-270-8446

My assistabt is Viviennne McCray
Bus. 604-270-1711 ext 119