PBEM Values

These are the personal and company values that all of us at PBEM live and work by to build a solid, enduring foundation of integrity in the building envelope industry. These values are reflected within our organization, encompassing all levels, tasks and responsibilities. We are committed to creating and nurturing a cohesive team of dedicated, caring professionals who take pride in a job well done.

We ‘set the bar’ for industry standards with exceptional expertise and experience enhanced by continuing professional and personal development.

We work hard to earn trust in all our dealings, building confidence that we can be counted on to do our personal best.

Whether written or verbal, we make and take the time to communicate with each other, clients and industry contacts, with clarity, sensitivity and timeliness.

We deliver consistently respectful, polite and effective service with exceptional sensitivity for clients’ environments.

We are dedicated to upholding PBEM standards of conduct and service in our goal of being proactive leaders in our industry.

We are not hierarchy-based, but work in partnership and as a team, welcoming input and new perspectives from everyone.

We maintain confidentiality and a dedication to the wellbeing of our co-workers, clients and company.

We build our reputation of excellence with impeccable conduct and consistency. Our word is our bond.

We are proud of our work, industry personnel enjoy working with us, and clients are happy with the results.

We can be counted on to get things done right and on time; to finding mutually effective solutions to interpersonal and technical challenges.

We are committed to building long-term relationships through mutual goals and problem-solving.

From one building to another, from one contact to the next, we guarantee the same high quality service and approach.

We stand behind our work and our word, and strive to take the “high road” in all our interactions.